Current unofficial outdoor air quality in Hanoi is:

Real-time Hanoi outdoor Air Quality (PM2.5 AQI)

7 days history (1 hour averages)

30 days history (1 hour averages)

All-time history:


2019-07-19 - Data from July 1 to 19th 2019 will be invalidated due to a dead bug obstructing the sensor..
2018-01-14 - Sensor apparently died after 4 years of service and will be replaced as soon as possible (ETA: Feb 1st). All data recorded since july 2018 will be discarded.
2017-07-27 - Sensor down from Jul 24 to Jul 27 due to a power supply issue. The problem could not been resolved earlier as the maintainer was away from Jul 24 (« Murphy's law »).
2016-12-22 - Sensor down 12 hours today due to a power failure.
2016-10-05 - Sensor down for cleaning (14:50 - 15:00)
2016-05-25 - Due to a very unusual hardware failure on our main server, 19 hours of data were lost on 25 of may. Hourly backups, real-time database replication and a local copy of the raw sensor data on the collector (client) will be set up in the next days to prevent any future loss of data.
2016-01-08 - Sensor down for cleaning (18:27-18:43).
2015-10-20 - FAQ page added. Plans to setup a weather station are postponed due to unreliable hardware from Oregon Scientific...
2015-09-07 - Sensor down for cleaning.
2015-08-19 - Sensor down for 2 hours due to an unforeseen maid event.
2015-08-12 - The sensor was down for 6 hours this afternoon due to a problem with our internet access (VNPT).
2015-08-11 - A dedicated outdoor weather station will be set up in late august/early september, providing real time local values for temperature, humidity, air pressure, rain gauge, wind speed, and wind direction.
2015-07-21 - The air quality sensor and network access equipment are now both secured by uninterruptible power supply units.
2015-04-14 - Sensor down from 4pm to 6pm due to a power outage in the Tay Ho area.
2015-04-07 - Sensor down from 7am to 12am due to a power outage in the Tay Ho area.
2015-03-31 - Sensor down from 9pm to 11pm due to a power outage in the Tay Ho area.

EPA graduation and recommendations, defined by AirNow

AQIAir Pollution LevelHealth Implications
0-50Good Air quality is good for everyone.
51-100Moderate Unusually sensitive people: Consider reducing prolonged or heavy exertion.
Everyone else: Air pollution poses little or no risk.
101-150Unhealthy for sensitive groups Sensitive groups: Reduce prolonged or heavy exertion. It's OK to be active outside, but take more breaks and do less intense activities.
People with asthma should follow their asthma action plans and keep quick relief medicine handy.
If you have heart disease: Symptoms such as palpitations, shortness of breath, or unusual fatigue may indicate a serious problem. If you have any of these, contact your heath care provider.
151-200Unhealthy Sensitive groups: Avoid prolonged or heavy exertion. Consider moving activities indoors or rescheduling.
Everyone else: Reduce prolonged or heavy exertion. Take more breaks during all outdoor activities.
201-300Very unhealthy Sensitive groups: Avoid all physical activity outdoors. Move activities indoors or reschedule to a time when air quality is better.
Everyone else: Avoid prolonged or heavy exertion. Consider moving activities indoors or rescheduling to a time when air quality is better.
300+Hazardous Everyone: Avoid all physical activity outdoors.
Sensitive groups: Remain indoors and keep activity levels low. Follow tips for keeping particle levels low indoors.

Sensitive groups include people with heart or lung disease, older adults, children and teenagers.

Sensor location: Nhật Tân ward, Tây Hồ district

Data last updated at: 14:28:54 (local time)