Frequently asked questions

Who is behind

A discreet individual living in Hanoi.

What is the project goal?

Collect, analyze and share independant data on air quality in Hanoi. Ultimately, to provide smog alerts for sensitive people, and collect enough data to make a proper year-to-year analyzis.

Which hardware and software are you using? is using a Dylos DC1100 Pro Sensor connected to a Raspberry Pi, running Raspbian (Linux). Data from the sensor is gathered using a custom script and sent in real-time to our servers. Air quality data is then processed and displayed using a custom, tailored-made PHP/MySQL interface.

Where is the sensor?

The sensor is in an outdoor location, approximatively 20 meters higher than street level, and safe from direct sunlight, wind, and rain. The area is quiet and residential, surrounded by lakes and open spaces (see map). The closest road (Au Co) is approximatively 100 meters away.

How much did it cost?

Dylos DC1100 Pro: $290; Raspberry PI: $60; Serial to USB cable: $15; Dedicated UPS: $45; Total: $410.
Software development and tests: around 80 hours.

How is it funded? is a personal non-profit project for public interest, independently and privately funded by its primary maintainer.

Is historical data available?

Contact us

Is there other sources of data in Hanoi?

You might check out the Vietnam Center for Environment Monitoring for official data (used by, and the U.S. Embassy Hanoi Air Quality Monitor for a daily indicator in a much more central/busy area (Lang Ha).

How can I help/contribute?

The following sources of information are currently wanted, to correct historical data and improve the accuracy of the air quality indicator:
- temperature/humidity/rain/wind in the Nhat Tan area (historical data since 11/2014 + real-time)
- any accurate and updated source of information on harvest times in north Vietnam
- indicators of economical activity (electricity usage, road use..)
Help improving this FAQ and correcting translation mistakes on the website is welcome!
Feel free to contact us.